Terms & Conditions

At Ritchess, we offer our services under the following Terms&Conditions that constitute a legal agreement between you and the Company. Make sure you read them carefully and use the Ritchess Services only if you agree and consent to the Agreement.

By using the Ritchess, you agree to be legally bound by the agreement and the privacy policy.

Article 1

In order to properly implement our services, every customer must provide all relevant information, as well as any relevant information requested by Ritchess. The customer should at least provide the number and the pick-up or address of arrival. They should also provide a departure and arrival flight information, as well as a phone number where the transported person can be reached in case of any necessary changes.

Please be informed that the prices indicated do not apply to public or bank holidays.

Article 2

All customers need to keep in mind that Ritchess is not responsible for any delays. Customers are advised to calculate extra time to arrive at their destination, so booking the trip in advance is something to be considered. Customers should also take into consideration possible traffic and unplanned issues.

Article 3

In certain situations, Ritchess may need to make exceptions and offer another type of vehicle to the customer.

Article 4

Ritchess is not responsible for any mistakes made in the process of making a reservation or if the reservation has not been made clear enough. For example: a wrong destination, or wrong time of pick up. For any changes made during the ride or the route, the customers will be charged a different price according to the changes being made.

Article 5

Airport pick-up: In case Ritchess is not able to contact the customers, the drivers will arrive at the airport 30 minutes early, and will be waiting another 40 minutes for the customer to show up. This is all included in the payment. Any additional waiting time will be charged separately

Article 6

The customer will be held accountable for any interior and exterior damage caused to the vehicle during their ride. If the customer is responsible for the damage, they will be asked to fully refund the damage cost.

Article 7

The customer’s email will be used for any promotions provided by Ritchess. The company ensures its customers that any personal details will stay private and will not be shared with third parties

Article 8

Cancellation will be free of charge if made 18 hours before the pick-up time. In case of cancellation from 12 hours in advance, the customers will be charged 50% and from 6 hours, they will be charged 100%.

Article 9

Ritchess informs its clients that all of the company’s vehicles are insured in case of accidents. The company is not responsible for the loss or damage of the customers’ luggage or valuables. All payments need to be made on time and as agreed. Ritchess will send a reminder after 15 days and if the payment is still not fulfilled within 30 days, there will be an increase of 10%.

Article 10

The customer will receive a booking confirmation for all minute bookings you need to contact us by phone.

Article 11

All modifications before 12 hours Before the pick up time are free of charge .

Article 12

All modifications from 12 hours of the pick up time need to be confirmed by the driver.

Article 13

In case the driver do not show up for any reason ( accident, delay or other) the customer will receive a full refund.

Article 14

We have the right to change our terms and conditions at any given time.