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Private Chauffeur

book your ride for any trip, our driver services available 24/7 according to the best cars and flexibility

Because you are very important to us, we want to take away all your care, such as maintaining the car. We will take care of all these details while you are enjoying yourself in comfort and maybe finishing some work in the back. We provide you with a discreet and a luxury drive with our highest/new model cars.

Busy business people know all about. A board meeting in Belgium, a lecture in Cologne, a meeting in Paris. One appointment accumulates on the other, Ritchess offers calm in a crowded/full agenda. Behind your driver is a modern organization with years of experience in passenger transport. If you set high standards for discretion, service and cost, get in our cars…. You ride in a very comfortable car, of course equipped with climate control. Along the way, you have the hands free to work in peace. With the assurance that you arrives safe, equipped and on time. Whether you book in advance, or suddenly you have a business travel, Ritchess is available at any time 24 hours a day.

Our drivers radiate professionalism and know their trade. They take you unwittingly much worries. Speak their language, but also know to be silent in all languages.

You will be assigned a private driver who already knows and anticipates your needs. A familiar face, you can see almost like your own employee. Should you otherwise prefer to use your own car, you can also hire a driver with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more requirement.